Maximum Buying Power.

Minimal Stress.

We work with lenders the participate in state-approved local and national mortgage programs tailored for home buyers in Alaska. Approval takes very little time and has no impact on your credit score.

Applying is Easy

We’ve trimmed the online approval process so you can find out if you qualify in only five minutes. Once you’ve completed your online approval, a dedicated loan officer will walk you through the remaining steps to completing your application.

Upfront Underwriting

Traditional lenders won’t underwrite your loan until you’re under contract. They do this because it’s expensive to fully underwrite a client and they only want to incur that expense if they’re absolutely certain that the client will buy a home.

We do things differently.

We will complete the financial underwriting process up front, before you find a home, so you know exactly what you can afford as soon as you’re ready to go house hunting. And we are confident in our underwriting and our ability to close on time. This not only saves you stress and time during the closing process, it helps you and your agent consider waiving your financing contingency and making your offer even stronger.

Low Lender Fees

By streamlining the application and underwriting processes, we’ve cut down significant costs from the business of providing loans. Rather than holding on to those savings, we choose to cut down on traditional lender fees. This gives you thousands of extra dollars to put toward buying your new home.

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